Friday, June 7, 2013

     On August 2, 1998 Daniel Condon’s life was changed forever when he was involved in a violent rollover auto accident near Santa Barbara California. Daniel and his three-year-old son were driving along in their truck when they accidentally headed off a cliff/embankment causing the vehicle to roll over several times. As fortunate as Daniel was to survive, his three-year-old son did not. Daniel himself had sustained a broken neck & spinal cord injury at the C-6,7 & T-1 level that left him paralyzed from the chest down. After a 6 week hospital stay, he finally made it back home. If attempting to recover from a tragic event such as this wasn't difficult enough, approximately a year later he then lost his wife in a separate auto accident. Understandably, most of us would have lost all hope and completely given up at this point. Dan chose to fight and push forward instead. As his faith in God, and his will to survive had carried him through in the beginning, his will to recover is just as strong today. The prognosis for Spinal Cord Injury is rarely positive. The doctors always seem to say the worst. You’re routinely told “You will NEVER walk again… Period.” Once again, understandably, the average person may fight in the beginning only to eventually give up overcome by despair. In spite of this there are some who REFUSE to accept their prognosis and will NEVER give up. Daniel Condon is one of them…

     At 38 years old & like most of us, Daniel enjoyed many activities before his accident, but the main thing he loved was surfing. Since first trying it at the age of 9 he was hooked! Even today it's the ocean, under the sun and among the waves where he feels the happiest.

     With a monumental challenge like Spinal Cord Injury Recovery there is a physical and mental aspect. Some would say the mental aspect is 80% of the battle. With physical therapy, walking is obviously the ultimate goal but the mental recovery that occurs when you regain the ability to do the things you love is absolutely priceless. Dan has been working hard towards his physical recovery for years and has even occasionally been able to return to the waves where he belongs. With no use of his legs however, surfing is every bit as difficult as one would imagine. Dan has been able to tough it out so far though… He's even handcrafted a couple of adaptable surfboards for himself. They’ve worked well enough and done the job, then a while back a friend showed him a Wavejet surfboard. A Wavejet is basically a motorized surfboard. AWESOME. As with most adaptable equipment they can be a bit pricey. Even though the Wavejet is technically not an adaptable device, and not designed specifically for the disabled it CLEARLY would be a HUGE benefit for someone like Dan. Being able to hit the waves again independently? Absolutely PRICELESS!

     SO!! For all these reasons we thought we would begin a campaign to get Dan back out into the water on a Wavejet! We aren’t shooting for a college scholarship or anything here, the Wavejet runs about $3500. It's pricey but $3500 is completely doable. We are asking for anyone interested and willing to help get him there by a simple donation of any amount… It’s a heck of a challenge, but if we get enough people to kick in we can do it, AND YOU CAN HELP!!


Thank you VERY MUCH for taking the time to read this. And if you could forward the request to anyone who you think would be willing to help us that would be great! Let’s see if we can do this!!!

To read more about Dan’s Spinal Cord Injury recovery journey and Project Walk, please continue reading:

     In the past there hasn’t exactly been a wide array of options for Spinal Cord Injury Recovery therapy. The facilities and programs that do exist are generally geared more towards getting you used to “life in your shiny new wheelchair.” For those who are too stubborn to accept their new “life in the chair” there are places like the Project Walk facilities in Carlsbad Ca. and the newest facility in Claremont Ca. that are getting people ready for when the day comes for “life back out of the wheelchair”… and the day will come.

     Project Walk is a Spinal Cord Injury Recovery center headquartered in Carlsbad California that specializes in exercise based recovery. Utilizing TheDardzinski Method™ their approach is much more aggressive than traditional SCI Recovery facilities. For one example, where most doctors & therapists would give you another pill or a Baclofen pump to suppress body & leg spasms that SCI clients typically experience, Project Walk attempts to actively recruit the spasms & assist the client in learning how to use the spasms to their favor. Promoting & strengthening movement instead of discouraging & actively suppressing it? Imagine the concept!

     Project Walk’s facility in Carlsbad Ca. was the first of its kind & only 5 years ago was the only facility in the world to offer this treatment. Since its inception their clients have had success & improvements at many levels. From increased strength & improved overall health on the low end, to actually getting up out of their wheelchair & walking again. As of May 2013 Project Walk has opened its first franchised facility in Claremont California and now has multiple affiliated facilities throughout the U.S. including others in Canada, Brazil, Australia, Europe and Asia.

     Project Walk's approach is not considered “traditional” Spinal Cord Injury Recovery Therapy and is therefore not covered by insurance. Because of this it can be extremely expensive so unfortunately it's not a viable option for everyone suffering from a Spinal Cord Injury. Because of a generous sponsorship from the Be Perfect Foundation and money out of his own pocket Dan was fortunate enough to attend Project Walk for a few months and even in that short time was able to see noticeable improvements.

     Dan is a Survivor and a Warrior. He’s not looking for a handout, just a chance. Let’s help him get there!

Thank You again for reading and God Bless…

John 3-16